Javier Bardem talks clubbing lifestyle at age 6 on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

Europeans tend to start drinking earlier than many, but Javier Bardem has them beat. The Oscar winner and "The Counselor" actor started going out to nightclubs in Spain when he was only about six years old!

The surprising revelation came about when Bardem was a guest on "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Thursday (Oct. 24). The Spanish actor talked a little about his upcoming film, "The Counselor" -- he worked with cheetahs! -- but mostly the hosts and guest talked anecdotes from Bardem's early years.

He may have had a rather interesting childhood. Before he became an international superstar and even before playing rugby for Spain, Bardem got his start in acting at a very early age. Since his mother was an actress on a popular Spanish show, "El Picaro," young Javier accidentally landed in front of the camera at the age of five. The child who was supposed to be in the scene got sick, so little Javier stepped in.

Kelly and Michael showed the clip -- a kind of traumatizing scene in which oddly dressed men poke at young Javier. "The director wanted me to laugh," Bardem said. "But I cried." This is fair.

Thanks again to his mother's acting career, Javier Bardem also toured Spain with an acting company during his childhood. The actors apparently brought the kid along everywhere. "They would go out and have a drink, and they would take me with them," he explained. "I was like six or seven when I was out in clubs dancing."

Although Europeans do things younger than Americans in this regard, even Bardem admitted this may have been a little too young.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images