Jay Leno talks cancellation rumors on 'Jay Leno Show'

jay-leno-nbc-320.jpgOn the Thursday (Jan. 7) episode of "The Jay Leno Show," Jay Leno addresses the cancellation rumors in typical Jay style. Watch below.

Leno jokes about asking Katie Couric how switching to another network has worked out for her. He also says NBC stands for "Never Believe your Contract."

The two gems are when Leno says that getting canceled would give him time to travel (he hears FOX is beautiful this time of year) and that he's not really worried about cancellation -- because NBC only cancels you when you're in first place. ZING!

Rumors have swirled all day concerning Leno's possible cancellation or possible move back to the 11:30 pm slot as a half-hour show, pushing Conan back to midnight and Jimmy Fallon back to 1:00 am.

Poor Jimmy Fallon.

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Photo credit: NBC