J.Crew ad controversy: Jennifer Lopez paints her son's toenails; 'Today' interviews 'My Princess Boy' author

j-crew-ad-toenails.jpgMuch hay has been made about a new J.Crew ad depicting a mother having painted her son's toenails bright pink. Oh, the horror, right?

"Today" got in on the action Wednesday (April 13), interviewing Cheryl Kilodavis, a Seattle woman who wrote a children's book called "My Princess Boy," because her 5-year-old son Dyson is partial to wearing dresses.

Kilodavis comments, "I feel like the ad is very natural, very real. I love the fact that it shows a mom who is supporting her son. Maybe the little boy likes pink and likes his toenails painted. Is it harming anyone? Why does it have to be categorized as gender confusion? We just have to get to a place of acceptance."

Robin Silverman, a child and teen development expert, adds that this ad is showing a child at play, which is "normal development." She also says the controversy has gone over to the "ridiculous" and that it's not going to cause gender identity problems any more than when she, as a female child, put on pants and dug in the dirt. 

"Today" also conducted a poll about the J.Crew ad and as of 9:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, there are just over 32,000 votes, with 46% saying the ad is "adorable," 47% saying it's "inappropriate" and 8% saying they "don't know, but want that pullover."

Meanwhile, actress/singer Jennifer Lopez has been chosen as People's 2011 Most Beautiful Woman. In her interview for the magazine's Most Beautiful People issue, she says:

"[Daughter Emme] is very girly-girl, just like me since I was very little. She loves for me to paint her nails. She lays out her clothes on the floor like I do with my stylist and she's like, 'This matches very good!' [Son Max] wants to paint his nails too. Because for him, it's just paint. He's like, 'I want the blue!'"

What do you think, Pop2it readers?

Photo/Video credit: J.Crew