Jennifer Aniston and Ed Sheeran's Thanksgiving: 5 more holiday pairing suggestions


Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings people together, be they family, friends, or even strangers that become friends, and 2013 was no exception. But did you know that this year's turkey day brought together Jennifer Aniston and Ed Sheeran?

Random new friends alert! The "Friends" star and the British singer/songwriter celebrated Thanksgiving together. You want proof? Aniston's manager Aleen Keshishian shared a photo on Instagram on Thursday (Nov. 28) with the two new friends, with the caption, "#happythanksgiving."

While the Aniston/Sheeran coupling may seem random, on closer inspection it becomes clear that they have a huge connection: mutual friend Courteney Cox.

On Nov. 19, Sheeran tweeted a picture of himself with Cox asking his millions of followers to support her at the People's Choice Awards. And we all know that Cox used to star on "Friends" with Aniston, so maybe she introduced the two.

Regardless of how they met, we're loving this new celebrity pairing (even if it's not romantic). So that got us thinking ... what other celebrity holiday couplings would we want to see? Here are our top five:


Jennifer Lawrence and Tina Fey -- These two hilarious, superwomen should be BFFs if they're not already. They've both won the internet and our hearts separately, so can you imagine what they'd accomplish if they teamed up? We're not sure the world could handle it, but we'd love to give it a shot.


Ed O'Neill and Craig T. Nelson -- As two of the greatest fathers on TV -- on "Modern Family" and "Parenthood," respectively -- these guys could learn a thing or two from each other. Well, Nelson's Zeke could definitely learn a thing or two from O'Neill's Jay.


Lady Gaga and Alec Baldwin -- Because how randomly awesome would that pairing be? 


Tatiana Maslany and Nina Dobrev -- As the lead on "Orphan Black," Maslany constantly portrays upwards of three or four characters in one episode alone, let alone the entire season (seriously, what is the count by now? 9? 10? Craziness). This season on "The Vampire Diaries," Dobrev had to play three different characters, so these doppelgänger pros could spend their holiday trading professional tips and relaxing in the company of someone who understands the stress and hard work they've been putting in.


Amy Poehler and Adam Scott -- We love them together on "Parks and Recreation" as soul mates Ben and Leslie, so how great would they be together in real life? BRB, already imagining it.

Photo/Video credit: Instagram/Getty Images/NBC