'Jersey Shore' Daily Creep: Snooki got cents, Ronnie squeals and the Kardashians, who?

jersey-shore-snooki.jpgWaddup, Guieebs! I almost said good morning, 'cuz the J-NOWW just woke up after beating the beat until 6 a.m. Thankfully, ma woke me up to tell me dinner's ready.  

DJ Tiesto's "Love Comes Again"
is juicing up Zap2it's "Jersey Shore" Daily Creep for Friday, April 9.

Today, we found out that Snooki got punched for pennies, Ronnie took one for the tatt and Miami asked, ' the Kardashians? Who?" And more.

  • Now we know why the "Jersey Shore" crew held out in their Season 2 salary negotiations. According to Parade, Snooki only made $2,200 last year. That means she probably earned about $200 an episode for Season 1! Plus, they had to work at The Shore Store to live in the house? And, Snooki got punched? My cousin, Carlo, made more selling cigarettes in jail. Hey, yo, that's his story.

  • RadarOnline says that several Miami clubs aren't letting the cast shoot there. "Jersey Shore" exec producer, SallyAnn Salsano addressed the report with LATimes.com.