'Jersey Shore's' The Situation ranked #2 'unsexiest man of 2010,' who was #1?

jersey-shore-the-situation-mtv-unsexiest-man.jpgIt isn't just looks that makes a person sexy, right? People you respect like President Obama or Anderson Cooper have the character to make them far more attractive than looks alone.

So, when it came to the Boston Phoenix's annual list of the "100 Unsexiest Men of the Year," character played an obvious role on the list.

In that context, the master trash-bagger " Jersey Shore's" Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino placed second on the list.

"Armed with a six-pack, a remarkable ego, and a drawerful of Ed Hardy T's," states the site, " 'The Situation' spent his fist-pumping summer 'creepin' among the drunk -- nay, pickled-- women permeating the Garden State's riviera. Still, this butterface rarely closed the deal."

OK, so Mike definitely earned some unsexy points during the first season of the MTV show. But, who could beat the juiced up guido at his own game? Who could have committed more d-baggery than our man, Mike? One guess.