Jessica Simpson getting a sitcom based on her own life on NBC


Jessica Simpson has already done the reality show circuit, and now she is getting her own sitcom. It's ben reported that NBC is developing a pilot for a series based on Simpson's own life that will portray her as "a modern-day Lucy."

Vulture has the news, and adds that the pilot is written by "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" scribe Nick Bakay. If that's not something to instill confidence in the project, then neither is the fact that NBC scrapped a sitcom pilot with Simpson in 2004 where she played a newscaster.

Still, Simpson has proven she's got some comedic timing. If you need proof, just rewatch her infamous "is tuna chicken or fish?" moment from "Newlyweds." Hopefully some reference to that makes it into this planned sitcom if it ever does make it to air.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images