Jimmy Kimmel's State of the Union prank: 'I support the weird tie'

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" likes to make fun of people, and what better subject for that than the State of the Union address on Tuesday (Jan. 28). In Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" segment, people on the street were asked about their thoughts on the SOTU address -- before it happened.

Impressively, Kimmel got a bunch of people to lie about having watching the State of the Union the day before it actually aired live on TV. Some of the liars even offered details about things they saw during the telecast.

What did the people on the street "see"? Several people agreed that John Boehner had fallen asleep. At least one interviewed person thought that Vice President Joe Biden was on drugs. The interviewer got someone to "honestly" answer the question: "What did you think about Obama faking the heart attack at the end?"

The best commentary, however, came from a self-professed iconoclast who fully supported Obama's "weird tie," calling it "something I would wear to the bingo hall with my grandma."

Would you have lied about watching the State of the Union? Is it that much a matter of pride (asks the person who had the SOTU on mute while reading Twitter comments about it)?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Hulu