VIDEO: 'Jon & Kate Plus 8's' Kate Gosselin tells Larry King kids are 'unaware' of the rumors

Kate-gosselin-290 Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" continued her talk show circuit with "Larry King Live" Thursday night to promote her book "Eight Little Faces" and to address the tabloid rumors of her husband Jon Gosselin cheating on her with 23-year-old schoolteacher Deanna Hummel.

She reiterates some of the same things that she mentioned earlier in the day on the "Today" show: the tabloid attention comes from being on a reality show, she and Jon are working on the situation "privately" and that they're focusing on their kids.

Speaking of which, we finally learn that so far, the kids remain ignorant of the rampant rumors that are out there, which is a relief.

"They attend a very quiet, private school where, you know, people aren't paying attention to that," says Kate. "They're investing their time in their kids' education and activities. And, no, they are, at this point unaware. But they are very aware that we love them very much."

The twins, Cara and Maddy will turn 9 soon, while the sextuplets -- Alexis, Leah, Aaden, Colin, Hannah and Joel -- are actually turning 5 on Sunday, Mother's Day.

The mama Gosselin also has choice words about her husband: "Jon is having difficult times realizing that, you know, you can't go to the grocery store without people whipping out their cell phones, calling everyone they know and taking pictures of you. He is dealing very poorly with it."

CNN also reports that Gosselin earns an estimated $50,000-$75,000 per episode.

Check out Kate Gosselin's full interview:

How do you think Kate handled the interview? How long do you think until the kids will find out what's going on? Will you watch when the show returns for its fifth season Monday May 25th?


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