Jon Gosselin dating Nadya Suleman on TV: Worst idea ever.

nadyasuleman_jongosselin_290.jpgThe good news is that the worst idea in the history of television probably isn't going to happen. The bad news is that someone thought it wasn't a bad idea.

We speak of the alleged reality-show pilot -- or at least a producer's pitch for one -- that would have Jon Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and younger-woman-dating infamy go on a date with Octomom Nadya Suleman. The principals have denied any interest or involvement; Suleman told RadarOnline Thursday that "It was a joke. No offense to Jon Gosselin, but I'm all about my kids right now. I don't have time for a man in my life."

A day earlier, Jon told the site, "This is the first I've even heard of it. It isn't happening."

The source of the kerfuffle was a press release In Touch Weekly received earlier in the week about the project, which is going by the clunky title "Jon - Kate = Jon + Octomom." Said release looks the same as "Cheaters" producer Bobby Goldstein's pitch for the show, which promises "the latest sign of the coming apocalypse" as Jon, though "totally creeped out" by the idea of a combined 22-child Suleman-Gosselin brood, he nonetheless agrees to the idea.

The pitch also promises that upon meeting him, Suleman's kids would start calling Gosselin "daddy" (Goldstein either being clairvoyant or, you know, producing a heavily scripted "reality" show) and actually includes the following line: "This show will be like watching a train wreck, you know you shouldn't look but you can't turn your head away."

Way to aim high there, dude.

The entire pitch reads like a giant [totally apt but unprintable adjective here] joke. Gosselin's managers did send an e-mail inquiry -- Radar, whose energy in covering scandal-plagued parents of multiples is unflagging, has a copy of it -- asking about scheduling, money and what sort of role Hailey Glassman might have in the show (a moot question at the moment, given news from earlier in the day). But that appears to be as far as anything went before the story became public -- or more accurately, when Goldstein et al baited us all into writing about it.

Goldstein has told the New York Daily News that he's talking to major networks as a two-hour special that would air on Super Bowl Sunday, which might be the most laughable thing of all. I can't imagine any broadcast network touching that with a 50-foot pole (CBS has the game this year), and I doubt many cable networks would really want it either. Betting that Suleman and Gosselin will even be noteworthy in three months' time is risky enough.

And leaving aside the general stomach-turning nature of the idea, the fact that TLC still has Gosselin under contract and everything else, there's this: Contrary to popular belief, the American public won't watch just anything.

Remember that "Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage" special FOX threw on the air in August? It bombed. A little more than 4 million people watched it on a relatively dead Wednesday night in the summer. The notion that many more people would tune into this dating farce on the day when 100 million people are watching the Super Bowl is just ridiculous. Whatever dignity Jon Gosselin and Nadya Suleman have left, I hope they use it to shoot this absurd idea down.

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