Jose Canseco proposes to Lady Gaga via Twitter

celebrity-apprentice-jose-canseco-father-nbc.jpgSo, it turns out Jose Canseco is a little monster. Who knew?

The former baseball stud publicly professed his love for pop superstar Lady Gaga through -- what else? -- his Twitter account. The "Celebrity Apprentice" star was hanging out at a casino in Arizona on May 23, when he decided to tell the world he has a crush on Lady Gaga -- bad grammar and all.

"I love lady gaga wish I could meet her," Canseco tweeted. "Would marry her in a second." Jose Canseco + Lady Gaga = best celebrity marriage ever? Discuss. Canseco wasn't done though, later tweeting, "I am her night in baseball armor." Yes, that's how he thinks knight is spelled.

When he didn't receive word from Gaga, Canseco sent out one more tweet, saying, "Lady gaga where r u did u get my marriage proposal I am at casino in yuma Arizona." Clearly, the man hates periods and commas. 

What is the lesson to be learned from all of this? Don't gamble and propose, kids, 'cause what happens in Arizona, does not stay in Arizona. Especially when you tweet about it.  
Photo/Video credit: NBC