Justin Bieber's cat, Tuts, has a Twitter account, looks like Grumpy Cat

Justin Bieber has a cat. That cat is named Tuts. Tuts has a Twitter account.

Because of course Justin Bieber's cat, Tuts, has a Twitter account.

The cat actually has a very active life in the realm of social networking. In addition to the Twitter account, created on May 27 and quite busy since then, Tuts has been a star in many an Instagram post of Bieber's.

justin-bieber-tuts-the-cat-twitter-photo-1.jpgYou can't blame Bieber for wanting to gain exposure for his feline friend. Much like Internet-meme-sensation Grumpy Cat, Tuts has a face that was truly meant to be on camera. No matter what the situation and no matter what the photo, Tuts has an evil glare that could easily still the heart of the most fervent of Beliebers.

justin-bieber-tuts-the-cat-twitter-photo-5.jpgJustin still does love Tuts though. The pop star has even posed for photos posted on Tuts' account.

justin-bieber-tuts-the-cat-twitter-photo-4.jpgDespite Beiber's love and the cat's truly impressive face, Tuts doesn't quite have the social networking clout that Justin commands -- only about 1500 fans follow Tuts, compared to the more than 40,000,000 who keep track of Bieber.

But, as Tuts herself (Himself? This is not made clear.) pointed out on Monday (June 17)

"40 million beliebers are jealous of me :) #meow"

Photo/Video credit: Instagram, Twitter