Justin Timberlake gets dog house for wife Jessica Biel on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Justin Timberlake is coming up on his one year wedding anniversary with wife Jessica Biel, so Ellen DeGeneres gave him a perfect anniversary present to make sure he stays out of the dog house: an epic "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" dog house.

The joke all started when Biel posted a picture of herself in a crate with her dog Tina back in the spring. Timberlake quickly explained the context for the photograph, but that didn't stop DeGeneres for presenting him one of her most outrageous gifts of all: a human-sized dog crate replete with a couch.

"I have no idea where this is going to go," Timberlake admits. "But you're taking it home, aren't you," DeGeneres says, to which Timberlake agrees.

It turns out Timberlake has been a bit under the weather recently, and DeGeneres got him to admit Biel is taking care of him at home.

"I have the best wife in the world," he gushes. "She's been great this week."

Photo/Video credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show