Kat Graham at the Oscars: 'Vampire Diaries,' music and a million dollars of diamonds

tvd-bonnie.jpgKat Graham from "The Vampire Diaries" must be feeling like a million bucks tonight -- because she's wearing it around her neck!

Our fave Mystic Falls witch got all dolled up as an E! correspondent at the 84th annual Academy Awards, and she paired her stunning leather and velvet Timo Welland gown with $1,000,000 worth of Norman Silverman jewels and a super-sleek ponytail.

NOTE: We haven't been able to wrangle a decent photo of her stunning ensemble, but when we do, we'll update!

Graham joined Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne for a fun fashion critique, but before they got to the dresses, she had the chance to talk about her status as a triple threat actor/singer/dancer. She wasn't about to play favorites when it comes to careers, though. "I mean, I love doing them all," Graham says. "I love playing Bonnie on 'Vampire Diaries' and then recently signing and finally getting a record deal, which is what all artists want."

Yes -- Graham recently landed a major deal with A&M Octone Records and shot a video for her first single, "Put Your Graffiti On Me," which she calls "fierce, fun pop" -- though she admits that she might have described it a little more explicitly if she wasn't live on air.

She also gives "Vampire Diaries" fans props for getting Bonnie trending last week. "They had killed my mom, made her into a vampire on the show, and the fans get so into it, even internationally," she says. While she obviously appreciates the devotion, she's excited for fans to get to know her outside of Bonnie. "It's interesting and that's why I'm so glad I'm doing music because I think that people see so much of this character and I'm not sure that they have seen me yet, completely."

When it comes to fashion, Graham was hesitant to critique her fellow actresses. She wasn't mad about Natalie Portman's polka-dot gown but held off on any harsh words. As for Tina Fey's black Carolina Herrara gown, Graham was a fan. "The cut on it is very interesting," she says. "If you can swap color for anything, I think it should be cut. She's so sexy and she's funny, so I think that brings it out."

Graham also weighed in on the "Bridesmaids" ladies. Ellie Kemper's copper Armani Prive dress blew her away. "She looks like a totally different person!" she says. "She looks like an Oscar. If no one wins, just grab her and take her off, because she's equally as awesome."

There was a round of jaw-dropping for Gwyneth Paltrow's white cape look. "We just had a girl moment, sorry!" Graham laughed.

She gave props to her peer, Shailene Woodley, even though the other critics didn't love Woodley's long sleeves. "You know what she said to Ryan that was really amazing?" Graham said. "She was like, 'You know, people aren't probably going to love it, but this is totally me. This is the one time I'm really wearing something that's totally me.' And I'm like, you know what? Go girl!"

That's why we love Ms. Graham, ladies and gentlemen.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images