Kate Middleton maternity dress from royal baby portrait sells out in two hours


If you were a fan of Kate Middleton's pink maternity dress that she wore in the official royal baby portraits, then you are not alone. Once the world saw the fuchsia dress made by Seraphine Maternity, it sold out in two hours.

Like many of the Duchess of Cambridge's outfits, the cute dress is reasonably priced (it only costs $79), making it affordable for other new moms looking for maternity wear. And, fortunately for people looking to buy the Middleton-approved look, the dress is available once again on the Seraphine Maternity website.

"Due to high popularity of this style, please be advised that orders will be dispatched week commencing 16th of September," the description on the item reads.

Middleton isn't the only mom to rock this dress for her maternity style. As E! Online points out, Alyson Hannigan also wore the outfit in an episode of "How I Met Your Mother."

Photo/Video credit: Twitter