Kate Middleton's nose and Robert Pattinson's chin top list of most-wanted body parts

kate-middleton-nose-plastic-surgery-pics-gi.jpgKate Middleton has a lot for folks to envy -- her clothes, husband, lifestyle ... and nose? Yep, the Duchess of Cambridge's schnoz is the most-requested by plastic surgery patients in the UK, according to the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group.

The Daily Mail reports that Kate's nose is tops for rhinoplasty patients, while Cheryl Cole's cheeks and Myleene Klass's chin also make the list. Rosie Huntington-Whitley's eyes and Nicole Scherzinger's lips are also must-haves for women.

For men going under the knife, Robert Pattinson's jaw and chin, Ashton Kutcher's cheeks, and Zac Efron's hair and eyes all make the cut. Jude Law has the most popular nose among men, and Ryan Gosling has the best lips.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group has apparently seen a huge uptick in people requesting specific celebrity body parts.

"People are choosing celebrities who are sophisticated and naturally beautiful," a company spokesperson says.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images