Katie Holmes of her style evolution: 'I've made a lot of mistakes'


Katie Holmes might now be a fashion mainstay, but even she knows that wasn't always the case. From her "Dawson's Creek" days up through her divorce with Tom Cruise, the mother of Suri Cruise has certainly had her share of ups and downs in the fashion department.

"I've made a lot of mistakes," she tells Marie Claire Australia. "I was always confused, are you supposed to go heavy on the inside with eyeliner, and lighter on the out? Everyone would tell me something different. And the cat eye is not for me, apparently. I always want to try it, but I just look like a mess."

Fortunately Holmes has learned a trick or two over the years. Her go-to makeup is always lip gloss (she says she always keeps it in her bag) and she has learned to go simple and classic with her look instead of opting for a more garish look. Her favorite fashion accessories are false lashes, and she prefers to use makeup for "enhancing the beauty that's already there."

In September 2012, Holmes was named the first celebrity brand ambassador for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The actress says she respects the fact that the company's quest is about "showing the woman and not showing the makeup." Still, the main fashion advice Holmes plans to pass on to her daughter Suri is that true beauty comes from the inside.

"In terms of when I became a mother and what I'm imparting to my daughter about beauty, I'm pretty much imparting what my mother and grandmother taught me. What's most important is what's going on in your heart and your head," she says.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images