Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorcing? Don't believe the hype.

russell-brand-katy-perry-gi.jpgWhen you're a hot Hollywood couple with a combined 16 million Twitter followers, it's not a huge surprise than an Internet rumor about you can spin out of control. But rest easy folks. Katy Perry and hubby Russell Brand are very much still together.

The gossip that the couple was filing for divorce emerged on Tuesday (Nov. 29) through the U.K. site "Celebrity News & Style NOW." It has since been dispelled, but not before rocketing around the social media circles and causing a near Internet panic.

The editor of U.K.'s Sunday Mirror Dean Piper put the kibosh on the matter. He writes on Twitter, "Spoken to Russell Brand's peeps. 'Internet rumour - escalated out of control. Will check but we've not heard anything.'"

This isn't the first time the couple was rumored to be breaking up. The Daily Mail reported in July 2011 that the two were well on the road to Splitsville. And we see how accurate that report was.

The two wed in Oct. 2010 and appear to be doing just fine.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images