Kelly Rutherford's real-life divorce uglier than 'Gossip Girl'

Kellyrutherford Kelly Rutherford, 40, who plays Lily van der Woodsen on "Gossip Girl," is getting a real-life divorce that's way more bitter than her onscreen one, which was dealt with in a clean and simple car crash.

She claims her estranged younger hubby, Daniel Giersch, 34, is ominous and violent.

Giersch wants the judge to prohibit his soon-to-be ex-wife from taking 2-year-old Hermes to NYC to film the show.

Both want sole custody of Hermes, with monitored visitation.

Rutherford claims Giersch has gotten into blowouts with her. She says he's an avid boxer and kickboxer and she's "intimidated by him." See documents here!

She says it's gotten so bad she called the cops twice. 

He says that she threw a laptop at him (PC or Mac Air?) and "tried to hit him with an open fist" (um, that's called a slap).

She also says he's threatened to teach her a lesson by taking the child. She calls him a "flight risk."

Did we mention that she's pregnant and due with their second child in June? People, for the sake of the unborn child, can you just take a chill pill?

Giersch has claimed that she can't be a real mom because her shooting schedule is insane. Kelly says it's not true.

Although it is true that her sked will be a lot busier now that she and her costar Matthew Settle will star in the "Gossip Girl" spinoff about their characters set in the '80s in Los Angeles.

OK, how are they gonna make these two actors look like they're in the 20s? Please, not another "Benjamin Button" transformation! Why don't I want to watch the rents' prequel? Anyone else feel the same way?

But good luck, Kelly. We hope all this works out in the best interests of little Hermes.

Photo: Kelly Rutherford and Hermes at a Playhouse Disney event. Credit: WireImage