Kevin Federline owes the IRS $57,000 and they want their cash

K-Fed, it's been a while! Kevin Federline, most famous for being divorced from Britney Spears, owes the government some money. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the "rapper" and "dancer" owes the IRS back taxes, to the tune of $57,615.39.

They claim that Kevin owes them from outstanding tax bills in 2009 and 2010. Most of that tax is money he made on, you guessed it, spousal support. However, in 2010 he was on a season of 'Celebrity Fit Club." 

Not surprisingly, he owes no taxes for 2006, the year he released his album, "Playing With Fire." Hard to pay tax on something no money is made on. These days Federline doesn't do a whole lot. In early 2012, he was on an Australian weight loss show, but since then hasn't been seen much.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images