Kim Kardashian videos paparazzo breaking into gated community

Jul 29, 2013 | #Trespassing #GatedCommunityBreakIn #Dangerous #CopsCalled #WOW by KimKardashian on

There was an incident at Kris Jenner's home in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday evening (July 29), when it appears as though a member of the paparazzi broke into the gated community where Kim Kardashian and baby Nori are currently living with Jenner.

Kim posted the above video to Keek and writes, "#Trespassing #GatedCommunityBreakIn #Dangerous #CopsCalled #WOW."

In the video, you can hear Kim say, " There is a paparazzi that snuck into our gated community," and then she hands her phone or the camera off to someone named Julian because she doesn't want to go outside. Kris can then be seen running across the yard towards said photographer (one presumes).

There are no other details available yet about the incident. It would appear the photographer got away and probably did not get the first pictures of Kim since she gave birth mid-June.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images