KISS and Motley Crue announce tour, Gene Simmons disses Rihanna

Motley Crue Kiss.jpgTwo rock giants are going to share the stage this summer. Motley Crue and KISS have announced their summer tour. The two bands are appearing together for the first time since 1982. The tour will begin in July and end in September.

"What we're hoping for, and certainly I am, is whatever people's expectations are, we blow them out of the water," Paul Stanley, rhythm guitarist for KISS, told Rolling Stone. "I want people to hope for the legend that they've heard about and find out it's greater than that. I think that the longer we're around the more invincible we become."

"No karaoke singers allowed. No fake bull...," KISS bassist Gene Simmons said at the news conference where the tour was announced, according to CNN. "Leave that to Rihanna-Schmianna and everybody else whose name ends with an 'a,'" Uh oh. Are we starting a new feud?

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Photo/Video credit: Getty Images