Kris Jenner shares another racy bikini pic - Is it time she stop?

It's no secret that Kris Jenner is pretty much her own biggest fan. The lady is a narcissist par excellence, living her life in front of cameras without an ounce of privacy, simply because that's the way she likes it. Heck, she even convinced a lot of people she has the goods as a talk show host. (Those people, boy, they ought to be ashamed.)

And now the reality TV maven has developed a fun new public habit: The one where she shows off her bikinied body on Instagram. The 58-year-old grandmother first flaunted her beach body in September 2013 and now, on Tuesday (Jan 7), she's shared an Instagram video captioned "Celebrate life" that begins and ends on a frame of Jenner in a black bikini lying on a dividing wall of a pool.

Before we get to saying how much we don't like this, a disclaimer: We're in no way, shape or form suggesting women shouldn't feel proud of their bodies and choose to celebrate them any way they see fit. Jenner looks terrific, there's no denying that.

That said, we still can't shake the icky feeling these photos give us. Is it just all the goodwill the Kardashian-Jenner crew have squandered over the years by refusing to cede the spotlight?

What do you think? Is it time Jenner cease the shared swimwear shots? Or should we all just live and let live? Give us your opinion in the poll below.

Photo/Video credit: Kris Jenner, via Instagram