Kristen Stewart cheats on Rob Pattinson: The best Robsten fan reactions from Tumblr

pattinson-kristen-stewart-rupert-sanders.jpgWhen Us Weekly released their cover story about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders, "Twilight" fans immediately flew into a frenzy. As is to be expected, the Robsten fans -- a particular faction of "Twilight" fans who have grown increasingly invested in Stewart's off-screen relationship with Pattinson -- began to reblog through their five stages of grief. Things only escalated when Stewart admitted to her indiscretion and apologized for cheating on Rob in an emotional statement.

And we, being the incredibly sensitive people that we are, began to trawl the "Robsten" tag on Tumblr, the fandom-friendly blogging service, for the most incredible reactions to the scandal.

Let's dig in, shall we? Cook up some popcorn.gif, kids, because we're about to have some Tumblr fun.

Of course, there are the fans who not only believed in Rob and Kristen's epic love, but grew so invested that they, too, felt that they were involved in the relationship.

robsten-sympathy-pains.jpgThe standard love-is-dead response, with a serving of denial on the side.

robsten-lost-all-faith-in-love.jpgWhen overwhelmed by angst, one must turn to poetry.

robsten-poetry.jpgThis one is so horrifying, we can't even bring ourselves to laugh at it -- this person would prefer that Stewart had been drugged (and, therefore, assaulted) than believe that she just kissed another guy. Because that would be less nightmarish.

robsten-drunk-drugged.jpgGaga, Queen of the Robsten Fans.

robsten-gaga-is-a-true-robsten.jpgWe'll let this one stand sans comment:

robsten-people-says-taylor-is-gay.jpgHow did people express their emotions before .gifs of Zooey Deschanel eating ice cream existed?

robsten-baby-angel.jpgFan-fiction takes a heartbreaking turn.

robsten-fan-fiction.jpg Stewart does not cheapen relationships by talking about them. She prefers to cheapen relationships the old fashioned way.

robsten-cheapen-relationships.jpgFinally, Stewart drops the L-bomb... but it's all wrong.

robsten-stop-i-want-to-die.jpgAnd, last but certainly not least, an emotional "Leave Kristen alone!" video blog from the ever-dependable NuttyMadam.

Photo/Video credit: Getty/Tumblr/NuttyMadam