Kurt Cobain: It's time for a real biopic

kurt-cobain-mtv-unplugged.jpgTuesday (April 5) is, more or less, the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. You can argue the "voice of a generation" stuff if you want, but there's little doubt that Cobain is a fascinating and tragic figure in rock history.

So why hasn't anyone made a movie about him?

OK, that's not entirely true: There are several documentaries about Cobain's life (the most famous/notorious being "Kurt & Courtney") and Gus Van Sant's 2005 film "Last Days," which starred Michael Pitt as a musician named Blake, clearly used the end of Cobain's life -- he committed suicide on or about April 5, 1994, at the age of 27 -- as a template. But we're talking about a full-fledged biopic. We think it's time.

Even if it only focused on the handful of years from the time Cobain became immersed in the Seattle music scene through Nirvana's formation and breakout and Cobain's death, there's a wealth of material. We're thinking someone like Patty Jenkins, who brought a rawness to "Monster" and made Seattle look both gorgeous and ominous in the pilot for AMC's series "The Killing," could direct.

As for who should play Cobain? His wife, Courtney Love, has said in the past that Ryan Gosling would be her choice, and we kind of agree with her. James Franco might be able to pull it off as well, and had Pitt not already sort of played Cobain, we'd throw him in the mix too. Emile Hirsch would fit the bill as well, and maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well.

For Love, we kind of wish Dakota Fanning were a few years older, because her turn in "The Runaways" last year absolutely convinced us she could play as big a character as Love. We also like Mia Wasikowska, but she's a little on the young side too.

Charlize Theron would add some star power, and having transformed herself so completely in "Monster," we have no doubt she'd be able to channel Love. We also think Chloe Sevigny and Carey Mulligan could play the part. So make it happen, Hollywood.

Who would you cast in a Kurt Cobain biopic?
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