Kurt Cobain's birthday: 47 videos and photos to celebrate the Nirvana singer's life

It's been almost 20 years since Kurt Cobain committed suicide in Seattle, but he has hardly been forgotten. On this, what would have been the Nirvana singer's 47th birthday, enjoy 47 videos and images of the man and his music.

Note: Several videos are NSFW.

1. "Come As You Are"

2. A fan at the Seattle vigil, 1994

2-fans-seattle-vigil-1994-gi.jpg3. CNN report on Cobain's death

4. "MTV Live and Loud," 1993

4-kurt-cobain-mtv-live-and-loud-1993-gi.jpg5. Cobain's childhood home in Aberdeen, Wash.

5-kurt-cobain-aberdeen-home-gi.jpg6. "MTV Unplugged" -- "Something in the Way"

7. Dave Grohl talks about Nirvana

8. News report on Cobain's death

9. Cobain in concert, Italy, Feb. 1994

9-kurt-cobain-italy-february-1994-gi.jpg10. 1994 MTV tribute to Cobain

11. New Year's in London, 1991

11-kurt-cobain-january-1-1991-gi.jpg12. Kurt Cobain Memorial Park, Aberdeen

12-kurt-cobain-memorial-park-gi.jpg13. Cobain with Courtney Love and Frances Bean, MTV Music Awards, 1993

13-kurt-cobain-courtney-love-frances-bean-1993-gi.jpg14. "Lithium"

15. Kurt Cobain -- the outtakes

16. Nirvana in January, 1992

16-nirvana-belfast-1992-gi.jpg17. At the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards

17-kurt-cobain-mtv-video-music-awards-1992-gi.jpg18. Interview in Seattle, 1992 (with Cobain holding his baby)

19. A quote from Cobain at an Occupy Wall Street protest

19-kurt-cobain-quote-occupy-wall-street-gi.jpg20. Frances Bean Cobain, 2007

20-frances-bean-cobain-2007-gi.jpg21. "About a Girl"

22. October, 1993

22-kurt-cobain-october-1993-gi.jpg23. "Rape Me" and "Lithium" (instead of "Smells Like Teen Spirit") at the MTV Music Awards -- watch Krist Novoselic toward the end

24. A letter written by Cobain at auction, 2010

24-kurt-cobain-letter-auction-gi.jpg25. November, 1991

25-kurt-cobain-november-1991-gi.jpg26. Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain, 2001

26-courtney-love-frances-bean-cobain-2001-gi.jpg27. "Drain You" (Reading Festival)

28. "In Bloom"

29. "Unplugged" interviews

30. Park near Cobain's childhood home in Aberdeen

30-kurt-cobain-aberdeen-park-gi.jpg31. Cobain Memorial in Seattle, 1994

32. Cobain, Love and Frances Bean, 1993

32-kurt-cobain-courtney-love-frances-bean-1993-gi.jpg33. 1991 interview with Nirvana

34. Doodles on Cobain's wall

34-kurt-cobain-home-gi.jpg35. Crowd-surfing in 1991

35-kurt-cobain-crowd-surfing-1991-gi.jpg36. Cobain's suicide on "VH1's 100 Most Shocking Music Moments"

37. Nirvana at the MTV Video Music Awards, 1993

37-nirvana-mtv-music-awards-1993-gi.jpg38. Cobain's guitar, auctioned in 2009

38-kurt-cobain-guitar-gi.jpg39. "MTV Unplugged" -- "Polly"

40. Fans at the Seattle Center vigil for Cobain, 1994

40-fans-seattle-vigil-1994-gi.jpg41. Interview with Nirvana, probably involving drugs

42."You Know You're Right"

43. Reading Music Festival, England, 1992

43-reading-festival-kurt-cobain-1992-gi.jpg44. Cobain in 1990

44-kurt-cobain-january-1990-gi.jpg45. At "MTV Unplugged," 1993

45-kurt-cobain-mtv-unplugged-1993-gi.jpg46. "Unplugged" performance of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"

47. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, YouTube