Kylie Jenner can't remember life before fame: 16 other pop-culture things she can't remember

Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian brood, doesn't remember a life before fame. What else in pop culture does she not remember?

Jenner pointed out that she had no clear memory of the time before her family became synonymous with reality television when talking to Us Weekly on Wednesday (Nov. 13). "It's kind of like I grew up into it. It's kind of like I don't know any different," Jenner said.

That makes sense. But what else does the young Miss Jenner not remember? Here are 16 pop-culture things that pre-date 16-year-old Kylie.

Warning: You are going to feel old reading this.

1. "Clueless"
The movie that may best describe the lifestyle Kylie was born and raised in was released in 1995, two years before the girl's birth.

2. Ellen DeGeneres not being gay
While obviously Ellen DeGeneres was gay before 1997, she didn't make that entirely public knowledge before coming out on her sitcom in February of that year. Kylie wouldn't be born until August.

3. Superman walking
Christopher Reeve was paralyzed during a polo accident in 1995. Thus, Kylie Jenner never knew him as the Man of Steel.

4. The O.J. Simpson trial
The celebrity murder trial that brought her mother's first husband his greatest legal fame ended on Oct. 3, 1995. Although big sister Kendall was born exactly one month later, Kylie wouldn't put in an appearance for a couple more years.

5. Literature before Oprah's Book Club
Started on Oprah's talk show in 1996, the career-making Book Club has been around longer than Kylie Jenner.

6. Marky Mark
Kylie, this is the guy you know as Mark Wahlberg. Although he would probably prefer you never find out about this.

7. A world without clones
Dolly, the world's first cloned sheep, was born in 1995. Kylie Jenner has never known a world without clones.

8. The debut of "South Park"

Kylie Jenner was three days old when "South Park" made its Comedy Central debut. But the online video that inspired it "The Spirit of Christmas," had been making the rounds since 1995.

Warning: Lots of NSFW language.

9. The Soup Nazi
Although "Seinfeld" didn't complete its run until Kylie was a baby, the famous "Soup Nazi" episode aired in Nov. 1995 (the night before big sister Kendall was born, as a matter of fact). Would a girl as young as Kendall even understand a phrase like "No soup for you!"

Probably not. She gets all the soup she wants. (Not to be confused with "The Soup." Kylie probably gets enough of that too.)

10. Drew Barrymore flashing David Letterman
In one of the most notorious moments in late-night history, Drew Barrymore flashed her breasts at David Letterman during a "Late Show" interview. Kylie was born two years later.

11. The Grateful Dead
Kylie could never be a Deadhead -- Jerry Garcia died more than two years before she was born.

12. A time before the Wonderbra
The Wonderbra was unleashed upon the world in 1994. Kylie wouldn't follow until 1997.

13. Most of the life of Princess Diana
Her death in a car crash came when Kylie was less than one month old.

14. Not knowing how to do the "Macarena"
Considering that the song had been a hit worldwide for two years before her birth, Kylie could have come into the world doing the "Macarena."

15. Tupac Shakur

The infamous murder of this rap icon took place almost a year before Kylie was even born.

16. A world without Purell
Can you imagine a time before hand sanitizer? Kylie Jenner can't -- Purell hit the consumer marketplace shortly before she was born.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, YouTube