Lady Gaga: The wax museum replicas of the pop star

You know you've made it when there are replicas of you in wax museums around the world. By this determination, Lady Gaga is one of the greats these days. In recent months, the pop singer's likeness has entered wax museum galleries around the world.

Does she look real enough in the photos?

lady-gaga-wax-figure-madam-tussaud-blackpool-gi-5.jpgThe most recent entry into the Lady Gaga replica field is in France. At the Musee Grevin in Paris, a wax statue of Gaga went on display starting on July 2. Sculpted by Jean-Baptiste Seckler, the waxwork got some help by an actual makeup artist and hairdresser.

lady-gaga-wax-figure-madam-tussaud-blackpool-gi-4.jpgYou don't even have to go to a museum to find a wax Lady Gaga sometimes. The Sydney airport displayed a statue of Gaga along with other pop stars like Beyonce, Britney Spears and Rihanna. Meant to celebrate Mardi Gras, the waxworks appeared at the end of February.

lady-gaga-wax-figure-sydney-airport-gi-3.jpgThe famed Madam Tussaud's wax museum has had Lady Gaga statues for awhile now. Visitors can see wax versions of Gaga in several of the museums -- including the one in Blackpool, England (see below0 and the one in New York City.

lady-gaga-wax-figure-madam-tussaud-blackpool-gi-2.jpgSomehow, the wax version of Lady Gaga isn't as dynamic as the real thing.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images