Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' video: Watch 'the birth of a new race' of little monsters

gaga-born-this-way-video-still.jpg"This is the manifesto of mother monster," begins Lady Gaga's latest music video. She then describes "a birth of magnificent and magical proportions," complete with plenty of feminine imagery. The video is about "the birth of a new race within the race of humanity. The birth of a new race that doesn't bear any prejudices." And, of course, the simultaneous birth of evil.

The 7-minute video is shocking in places, and we'd imagine that some parts of it may not be entirely MTV-friendly -- as is the case with many of Gaga's videos. Her videos have never been particularly tailored to the now-defunct TRL crowd, though. Gaga makes videos for her fans -- her little monsters --  and the internet is their most natural place.

"Born This Way" is best described as a short film. The song doesn't begin until more than two and a half minutes into the show, when Gaga appears clad in bra, underwear, and the prosthetics we've come to call nubbins. In some places she's shown with an eyeball on her chin. detailed skeleton makeup, and as a disembodied head.

What do you think, Little Monsters? Has your mother monster done you proud once again?