Larry Wilcox, 'CHiPs' star, sentenced for fraud

Before you get too upset, keep in mind that Erik Estrada is A-OK.

But his former "CHiPs" co-star Larry Wilcox has seen better days. The 63-year-old actor was sentenced to serve three years probation in a Florida court, on Jan. 27, for conspiring to commit securities fraud.

The AP reports that Wilcox, who famously played Officer Jonathan "Jon" Baker to Estrada's "Ponch", was involved in a kickback operation run by small company stock promoters -- something he seemed very repentant about in court.

"I spent 63 years putting my signature on my life," Wilcox said. "I betrayed my core values with what I did. I am deeply sorry,"

Wilcox will also have to perform 500 hours of community service as a part of his sentence, but it certainly beats the maximum prison term of five years he was facing.
Photo/Video credit: NBC-Universal