Lea Michele: Barbra Streisand shouldn't make a 'Glee' cameo!

lea-michele-glee-my-man.jpgLea Michele talks about her love for Barbra Streisand every time she sets foot on a talk show stage, and yet... she doesn't want to work with her idol?

" I think that keeping idols as idols is important," the "Glee" star told DigitalSpy when they asked her whether she thought Streisand should make a cameo on the Fox show.

Michele added, "And I don't think that everybody needs to be on 'Glee'!"

Amen, girl. Amen.

" Idols should be kept as idols. Not that I think she would ever disappoint me - I'm sure if she came she would blow me away and be everything that I've ever imagined," she says. Of course, that's if Michele could manage to actually function while working with the woman who inspired her initial push for Broadway.

You'd have to write the storyline that Rachel has gone mute for a week which we all know is not possible! You'd just have to wheel me in and wheel me out! So that would just be weird and I don't think that that would work."
Photo/Video credit: FOX