Leah Remini: Jennifer Lopez 'is obsessed' with 'Dancing With the Stars' now

Actress Leah Remini is tearing it up in the "Dancing With the Stars" ballroom this season. Friday (Nov. 15), she stopped by "Hello Ross," where naturally he had to bring up her "Saved by the Bell" past.

"You lived my teen dream. You made out with Zack Morris. I want to claw your f***ing eyes out," jokes Ross, to which Remini fires right back, "Do it. Do it, b****."


Remini also says that her BFF Jennifer Lopez has become obsessed with the show.

"She calls me and she's giving me the commentary -- what's happening here and why this, why is this one gone -- and I'm thinking she's calling about something else ... waiting for what the call's about, are we having dinner, our kids. And she's like, 'That's it, goodbye.' She's obsessed," says Remini.

Her partner Tony Dovolani comes out and an audience member asks him why he keeps getting put with such strong female personalities, to which he says, "I think I'm a little bit more patient," as Remini pulls a funny face.

But she says, "I couldn't ask for a better partner. He really has been a good friend to me. He's all things and he's not even getting a b***job out of it."

We think we would enjoy to hang out with Leah Remini.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images