Lil Twist wrecks Justin Bieber's Fisker Karma - with Chris Brown? - report

justin-bieber-lil-twist-getty.jpgIt's the second time in one week that rapper Lil Twist has gotten into a scrape while driving singer Justin Bieber's Fisker Karma. First he was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for an illegal lane change and ticketed for tinted windows. Now TMZ is reporting that Twist crashed the sports car at a liquor store in Los Angeles.

Twist allegedly crashed the car into poles outside a store in the San Fernando Valley on Tuesday (March 5), damaging the poles and also causing decent damage to the front end of the sports car.

Reportedly, Chris Brown was one of two passengers in the car with Twist when it happened, though his reps have neither confirmed nor denied that.

A little while after the crash, a BMW reportedly pulled into the parking lot and Twist and pals loaded the parts that fell off the Fisker into the BMW, then piled in it as well and drove away, leaving the Fisker in the lot.

It is considered a hit-and-run accident if they did not exchange information with the liquor store owner.

Twist is also the person who was driving Bieber's Ferrari when photographer Chris Guerra was killed snapping pics of Twist being pulled over. 

Maybe Bieber should take a cue from the Beach Boys and take Twist's T-bird away.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images