Lindsay Lohan or Kelly Osbourne: Who was the better 'Carrie' for Halloween - Poll

It happens every Halloween, without fail. No matter what you dress as, there's always someone who had the exact same idea. The only thing you can really hope is that your costume is the better one. That's the dilemma Kelly Osbourne and Lindsay Lohan are facing.

Lohan and Osbourne, one of the hosts of "Fashion Police," both donned "Carrie" costumes for the big day, which essentially means prom dresses and lots of blood. Lindsay is posing mid-scream with Freddy Krueger, who is actually boxer Floyd Mayweather. Kelly, on the other hand, snapped a photo with her dad, Ozzy Osbourne.

While Lohan gets points for the screaming pose, Osbourne definitely wins the blood battle. However, there can only be one true "Carrie," so the choice is yours. Who wore "Carrie" better, Lindsay or Kelly?

Photo/Video credit: Twitter/Instagram