Lindsay Lohan to pose nude for Playboy -- report

lindsay-lohan-zombie-gi.jpgWe're not sure what $1 million buys in Lindsay Lohan's world these days, but a figure slightly shy of that amount will apparently buy a nude Lindsay Lohan. The former Disney star who has been beset by a string of financial and legal woes, according to TMZ, has apparently agreed to pose sans clothes for a Playboy magazine spread.

The deal has allegedly been in the works for months, but Lohan, 25, had scoffed at the initial offer of $750,000. When the magazine came back to her with a figure closer to the $1 million she wanted, Lohan reportedly agreed.

"I can neither confirm or deny at this time," a rep tells TMZ, though the gossip news site claims to have "confirmed" the news with unnamed sources.

The shoot is also, according to the site, already underway -- Lohan reportedly posed over the weekend. She probably had plenty of down time between her court ordered morgue duty and tweeting. Probably a smart move on the part of the magazine, since the former Disney star could literally end up behind bars at any given moment.

Lohan's most recent tweet, dated Oct. 21, asks the age-old question, "How do u manage to get and eye abrasion from, z(he dentist's office!!!!!!!!!!!! Night Night xx."

That Lindsay!

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images