Lindsay Vonn talks Tiger Woods, skiing injury and the Olympics with David Letterman

Skier Lindsay Vonn was one of the guests to visit "Late Night with David Letterman" on Monday (Oct. 28). During her interview, she talked about Tiger Woods, missing out on the Olympics and whether she's better at skiing or golf.

Much of the interview focused on Vonn's skiing career and the injury that has temporarily sidelined her pursuit of the sport. David Letterman seemed positively fascinated by the serious leg injury. After showing video of the rather terrifying accident, Letterman had the camera zoom in on Lindsay Vonn's leg and the surgery scar.

Did you know they have cover-up cosmetics for legs? They do.

Of course, Letterman had to ask about Vonn's rather high-profile relationship with golfer Tiger Woods. Lindsay was fairly coy when it came to talking about the man. "We're athletes, so I guess we have something in common there," Vonn explained when asked about how the relationship came to be. "We were friends for a long time, and I don't know -- I guess we just really relate."

Both athletes have even tried out each other's sports. Vonn claims that Woods is an excellent skier, and she herself has had some successes on the golf course. "I have a hole in one!" Lindsay Vonn said of her skills.

If you were looking for more dirt than this, however, you would be disappointed. Vonn did not feel the need to spread gossip on her tabloid-friendly romance.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images