Lisa Kudrow storms 'Cougar Town' -- should she stay around?

kudrow-cox-cougartown-320.jpgFirst of all, bravo "Cougar Town."

I'm not going to lie -- there was a point at the beginning of the season when I wasn't quite sure where this train was going. But we're halfway through year one and, especially after seeing this week's episode, it's no mystery why ABC just ordered more.

The characters -- whether they belong to the cool, calm club or the crazy club -- are solid, and as we get to know them better, the laughs are just bigger.

But the addition of Lisa Kudrow as a guest character on Wednesday was interesting. Didn't Dr. Amy Evans say things to Jules (Courteney Cox) that you've wanted to say all season? You know, regarding her perky dial, her lack of confidence and such.

Sure, Grayson is good at making fun of Jules, and the girls -- Ellie and Laurie -- are also great at calling out her crazy. But who is around to actually put the woman in her place? Doesn't the lead character of every comedy need someone to really tell her what's what now and then?

Kudrow as Dr. Evans does the job quite well and, because of that, it does feel like she could be a recurring character that pops up more often than not, no?

Think of all the possibilities for humor with a brutally bitchy nemesis around to really kick Jules when she's down... even if she just puts in a quick cameo appearance in random episodes here or there.

Does that make sense?

Do you agree?

Talk to me...

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