Listeria vs. Conficker: Which is more likely to affect you?

cantaloupe-computer-gi.jpgListeria is a deadly infection that kills 30 percent of infected victims and is currently spreading in the food supply. Conficker is a fearsome virus described as the "largest ever" botnet, a army of drone computers all awaiting orders from hackers intent on creating mayhem by doing everything from stealing credit card numbers to shutting down the very Internet itself.


So, which is more likely to affect you?

The current Listeria outbreak, which began with tainted cantaloupes, is now being called the "deadliest in a decade," according to Indiana Public Media. In addition to cantaloupes, the bacteria has been found in smoked ham and Publix spinach dip. On Wednesday the CDC confirmed 13 Listeria deaths and there are more under investigation. To avoid it, wash your food -- most victims who contracted Listeria via cantaloupe could have prevented infection if they had washed the outside of the melons prior to slicing.

Conficker has been floating around the Web since 2008, bringing more computers under its evil sway. In fact, most users aren't even aware their computer is infected. Author Mark Bowden explores its origins in his new book, "Worm."

That's why we're going to go ahead and call this one for Conficker: If you surf the Internet, you're at risk. And no matter how many times you wash your computer, it just won't help.

Be safe.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images