'Lost': 16 possible spinoffs*

locke-ben-lost-320.jpg"Lost" star Terry O'Quinn said recently that he's enjoyed working with Michael Emerson so much, he'd like to continue their acting partnership after the show ends in May.

It's not just idle talk, either. O'Quinn tells TV Guide he's been pitching a show that would star him and Emerson as a pair of hit men juggling their jobs and lives as suburban family men. "I really hope this works out because Michael would be in his prime in this," he tells the magazine. "We'd play kind of awkward partners."

A couple thoughts on that idea: 1) Someone, please, buy those rights, hire a good writer and get O'Quinn and Emerson locked into deals, stat. We'd totally watch that. 2) That's hardly the only "Lost" spinoff/franchise extension we can envision -- heck, it's not even the only Emerson-O'Quinn teamup we want to see. Here, then, are 16 more suggestions for "Lost" spinoffs (big thanks to Zap2it "Lost" blogger Ryan McGee for half these suggestions).

(*Yes, we're just kidding.)

"Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do!": O'Quinn and Emerson attempt crazy outdoor activities such as basejumping.

"The Men Behind the Curtain": O'Quinn and Emerson work in the high-stress, fast-paced world of fashion shows, prepping models before they step out into the runway.

"Mousetrap!": Emerson and O'Quinn co-host a live-action version of the popular children's game. First prize: $10,000! Second prize: A trip to Room 23!

"Fix This!": Dr. Jack Shephard can not only repair your spine, but your bathroom tile! Just don't ask him how to repair your relationship with your dad.

"The Most Dangerous Kate": "The Fugitive" meets "The A-Team" as Kate Austen, off the grid and on the run, helps those in need while staying one step ahead of a dogged U.S. marshal.

sawyer-gun-lost.jpg"Ford and Lincoln": Sawyer gets busted running a con game -- but avoids jail by becoming a surly, wise-cracking "consultant" to by-the-book L.A. detective Steve Lincoln. Running gag: Lincoln hates it when Sawyer calls him "Honest Abe."

"Hurley!": Lottery winner Hugo Reyes buys his parents a home, then moves in. Hilarity ensues. Mom's catchphrase: "Why is there a dead [insert nationality here] on my couch?"

"Rogan and Dogen": One's a comedy veteran/UFC commentator, the other makes poison pills for the "infected." Find out what happens when they live together!

"The Equalizer 2010": Starring Sayid Jarrah.

"I Can See For Miles and Miles": Miles Straume talks (sass) to the dead and the living in front of a live studio audience.

"Stir of Eko": Mr. Eko uses his Jesus stick -- to whip up delicious meals in this globe-trotting culinary adventure.

"Penny and Des": Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick return to television with the story of a love that knows no bounds, and the everyday obstacles that test it.

"Faraday and Night": If you're up to no good, physicist/vigilante Dan Faraday will blind you with science.

"Richard Alpert's Age-Defying Secrets": Is it magic? You'll think so when Richard Alpert shares his insider tips to never looking a day older, ever. Found on cable at 3 a.m., right after the Proactiv infomercial.

"Jacob from Columbus": David Milch follows up his mystical surfer drama "John from Cincinnati" with an even more inscrutable show about a mysterious stranger from out of town. I don't know Hurley instead.

"The Chronicles of C.S. Lewis": Globe-trotting -- and beautiful -- cultural anthropologist Charlotte Staples Lewis unravels the world's deepest mysteries in this "Da Vinci Code"-esque action-adventure series.

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