'Lost': 'Orientation: Ryan Station' talks 'Dr. Linus' with special guest James Poniewozik

ilana-lost-0309-320.jpgWe're back with another installment of our weekly " Lost" podcast, "Orientation: Ryan Station." The Chicago Tribune's Maureen "Mo" Ryan and myself had the distinct pleasure to welcome Time Magazine's own James Poniewozik to this week's discussion about "Dr. Linus." And Lord knows there was not a small amount to discuss about last night's fantastic episode.

As always, there are several ways in which you can hear the podcast. There's an embedded file in this entry, just below the Hulu version of "Dr. Linus." In addition, just below that is a link that allows you to save the MP3 directly to your hard drive. Next to the download is a link to the podcast's feed. If you want to sync this podcast up to your iTunes player, make sure to go to this link or search for "Orientation: Ryan Station" inside the iTunes music store.

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(If this isn't enough "Lost" multimedia for you, then check out Zap2it's own Brill Bundy as she appears on AOL TV's "Instant Dharma"! Print, audio, video: we've got you covered here. Just don't ask us to bake. We're bad at baking. OK, I am bad at baking. You caught me.)

In this week's podcast installment: James makes the case for Leslie Arzt, Mo makes an unfortunate verbal flub, and I make an even more unfortunate costume suggestion for Richard Alpert. In between all that mayhem lies a fun and hopefully informative look at "Dr. Linus." You can follow along with us as we watch the episode, or simply download it and listen to our discussion on the go. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we had in recording it. Namaste!