Lottery winner killed: Urooj Khan poisoned with cyanide after collecting winnings

arooj-khan-lottery-winner-poisoned-illinois-lottery.jpgChicago resident Urooj Khan died one day after collecting lottery winnings totaling $425,000 on July 20, 2012. When his death was initially explained as being due to hardening of the arteries, a relative asked for a deeper investigation. A full toxicology report was done which found that Khan has ingested a lethal amount of cyanide, leading his death to be re-classified as a homicide.  

According to the Cook County Chief Medical Examiner Stephen J. Cina, who spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times, at the time of death an autopsy was not performed because, "there was no suspicion of foul play based on the history provided." With these new findings, investigators are now moving toward exhuming Khan's body for further testing.
Photo/Video credit: Illinois Lottery