Machine Gun Kelly, P. Diddy's protege, arrested after arranging flash mob

machine-gun-kelly.jpg...but "Glee" makes flash mobs look so tame!

Machine Gun Kelly, a Cleveland-based rapper signed to P. Diddy's label, has been arrested, but not for anything particularly scandalous. No guns, no clubs, no sex involved! Instead, Kelly's crime involved a flash mob. You know, when a bunch of people gather in a pubic place and then dance once they get a signal.

Kelly started the party via Twitter, where he's followed by 70,000 fans. "I'm thinking about doing a flash mob at a mall or something tomorrow lol cleveland should we do one while I'm home?" he tweeted, and later, "Today we flash mob NO MATTER WHAT! 5pm at SouthPark mall in the foodcourt, wear disguises, dont move to you hear 'Cleveland' play then RAGE!"

Unfortunately, when he refused to get down off a table while "raging," the police weren't too amused. He was arrested in the food court. Now that's the good life.

Catch the whole thing on video below. Come to think of it... we're not sure Mr. Kelly actually knows what a Flash Mob is.

Photo/Video credit: YouTube