'Mad Men's' Elisabeth Moss: Before the Emmys, Excedrin commercial and 'Escape to Witch Mountain'

elisabeth-moss-emmys-gypsy-picket-fences-gi-fu.jpg Elisabeth Moss' 2013 Emmy nomination for her lead role in "Mad Men" marks her sixth time up for a Emmy statue. She's also nominated this year in the Lead Actress in a Movie or Miniseries category for Sundance's "Top of the Lake."

And while she may be most famous as Don Draper's impressionable secretary turned ball-busting, glass ceiling-breaking copy chief at Sterling Cooper & Partners, Moss built quite the girlhood repertoire playing stars before they were stars in made for television movies -- does "Gypsy" or "Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge" ring a bell?

Welcome to Before They Were Emmy Nominees. Each Tuesday and Wednesday between now and the Emmy Awards on Sept. 22, we're going to look back at some early and obscure roles of a few of this year's acting nominees. (See Zap2it's Before They Were Nominees photo gallery.)

Between 1992 and 1995, Moss had a recurring role on "Picket Fences" as Cynthia Parks, the over-achieving -- sound familiar? -- classmate of Adam Wylie's Zachary Brock. Here she is in a show promo video, doing a little show-and-tell.

In 1993, Moss co-starred with her TV mom, Bette Midler, as a young Gypsy Rose Lee in CBS' "Gypsy," based on the Broadway musical.

Moss had the opportunity to hone the brooding, pensive expressions that would become a Peggy Olson staple in Disney Channel's 1995 TV movie remake of "Escape to Witch Mountain." 

That same year, she played a pre-teen Ashley Judd -- with a surprising likeness -- who goes joyriding with big sis Wynonna Judd in NBC's "Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge."

In 1999, Moss was harassed by Angelina Jolie as Polly "Torch" Clark in "Girl, Interrupted."

In 2005, Moss landed a national commercial for migraine headache medicine, Excedrin. Had Peggy Olson created this ad, it would have surely won her that coveted CLIO. 

Moss played the personal assistant to Sarah Jessica Parker in the 1999 film, "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" In an interview to promote the movie, Moss gushed about SJP's fashion influence, and Moss' then husband, "Saturday Night Live" star Fred Armisen.

For the entire run (1999-2006) of Aaron Sorkin's NBC series, "The West Wing," Moss played first daughter Zoe Bartlett. Here she is awkwardly getting hit on in a bar. Looks like some things never change, eh, Peggy?

Moss' bedroom scene with Jonah Hill in the 2010 comedy "Get Him to the Greek" was cut from the theatrical version of the film, but made it to the DVD release as bonus material. YouTube deems the scene NSFW, but you can judge for yourself. 

Moss' other pre-Emmy roles include the 2006 series "Invasion" and early voice work on shows like "Animaniacs," "Freakazoid," and "Batman." Will she finally win her well-deserved Emmy this year? We'll find out Sept. 22.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Fair Use