Man murders roommate over a pork chop

Tom Hahn of Holly Hill, FL has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing of his roommate, Robert Gray. Witnesses say the death followed when the two men argued over the cooking of a pork chop. Hahn then shot Gray in the head.

Sure, there may have been more to the crime than just a piece of meat, although a pork chop does indeed seem to be the trigger. Roommates of the two men told police that Hahn and Gray actually had a long history of disagreements and not getting along. According to a police report, Hahn had even told his two other roommates that he planned to shoot Gray if the man came home drunk.

To emphasize this, Hahn loaded his rifle with three bullets.

It is not clear whether or not Robert Gray was intoxicated when he returned to his home on Tuesday (Dec. 11) night, but a fight soon broke out anyway. Gray got angry at his roommate over improperly cooked pork chops, and the two men began to yell. At this point, Hahn went for his rifle and shot the victim three times.

Police say that Hahn claimed that his attack was in self-defense. That must have been a very dangerous pork chop.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images