Marianne Faithfull: Mick Jagger sex required drugs and alcohol

Sixties singer and sex symbol Marianne Faithfull reveals in a new TV tell-all she was actually horrified by men growing up, and experienced a difficult time having sex with her famous lover, Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger.

In an episode of BBC1's "Who Do You Think You Are," airing Sept. 18, Faithfull reportedly reveals her mother, Eva von Sacher-Masoch, and grandmother Flora were both raped by Red Army soldiers in Vienna, Austria during the mid-1940s. Faithfull says her mother's hatred of men, and her grandmother's increasing distance from her grandfather wore off on her.

"It twisted them both," Faithfull says. "My grandmother turned away from my grandfather, who adored her. And Eva never got over that and always hated men."

Faithfull says as a young woman, she had to be drunk or high to tolerate sexual activity. "It took me years, until the time I got to 50 or so, before I 
could be in a relationship and love; and not have to take drink or drugs to have sex," she says. "It was a big problem for me in the sixties, especially as I had to pretend that everything was wonderful, wild and sexual. But it really wasn't."

After ending her relationship with Jagger in 1970, Faithfull struggled for many years with drug addiction, and says she spent two years living on the streets in Soho, N.Y. as she battled heroin dependency and anorexia.

Despite the revelations, Faithfull insists she loved Jagger very much. "'He loved me and I loved him," she says. "I just walked away. I don't really know why. I had to move on ... Of course it was very painful, and very very hard because I loved him."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images