Mark McGwire signs prosthetic leg for fan at Dodgers event


Mark McGwire has been in baseball long enough that he's seen fans in all shapes and sizes. He's probably been asked to autograph a variety of strange things before, which is why it doesn't come as a shock to see in the above photo that McGwire signs the prosthetic leg of a fan at a Dodgers event without blinking an eye.

The image comes courtesy of @annyu16 on Instagram. "This guy got his prosthetic leg signed by Mark McGwire. Super cool," the person posted.

It is super cool of McGwire, but an object like a prosthetic leg is actually pretty smart to get signed. It's more permanent than getting clothing autographed, more exciting than a piece of paper and you get to look at it pretty much all the time. Kudos to McGwire for being such a good sport, and @annyu16 for snapping such an awesome photograph.

Photo/Video credit: Instagram