Mark Wahlberg 'Teamsters' reality pilot coming to A&E

mark-wahlberg-gi.jpgIs Boston the new New Jersey? Between "Southies" and this, we're thinking yes: Hometown hero Mark Wahlberg, star of "The Departed" and "The Fighter," has a new reality pilot in the works for A&E tentatively titled, "Teamsters," reports the network.

Wahlberg is executive producing the series along with Stephen Levinson ( "Entourage," "In Treatment"), Kevin Harrison and Bill Thompson. The show features the Teamsters Local 25 in Boston.

According to A&E, the series "will give viewers a firsthand glimpse of the most legendary union in the most aggressive and territorial city in America: Boston. Here, the Teamsters Local 25 battle for the rights of their 11,000 members."

"We believe A&E is the perfect venue to create a cutting-edge show that promises to be like nothing else on television," Levinson says.

Thompson was inspired by seeing Wisconsin union members invade the statehouse last summer to protest anti-union legislation, reports Deadline Hollywood. And Wahlberg was apparently key in getting the local Teamsters for the show, as his dad was also a Teamster truck driver in Boston.

Deadline also reports that the series is envisioned as a franchise that would feature unions in different cities.

In fact, we know of another franchise for which Boston would be the perfect backdrop (warning: This video contains some, uh, authentic language and may be NSFW):

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, YouTube