Marlee Matlin glad she missed Christina Aguilera's National Anthem

marlee-matlin-stand-up-gi.jpgMarlee Matlin has been where Christina Aguilera was on Super Bowl Sunday, literally if not figuratively.

The Oscar winner for "Children of a Lesser God" has done sign-language interpretations of "The Star Spangled Banner" twice at the NFL championship game, when Garth Brooks and Billy Joel sang the national anthem. Aguilera ran into some problems with the lyrics Sunday (Feb. 6) at Super Bowl XLV, and Matlin admits she's content not to have been involved.

"It's a good thing I wasn't there," the deaf actress tells Zap2it through her longtime interpreter, Jack Jason. "If I were, and I had been signing with her, it would have been discombobulated. She doesn't sing the way most people sing. I know that song by heart, and there's a rhythm to it. If had done it with her, I would have been stumped, but that's OK. Every singer has the right to mess up."

In such circumstances, Matlin adds, "I feel bad for the singer and for everybody. People make mistakes ... what can you do? It can be a result of nerves, but she's a pro. I don't know what it was that might have happened to her, but I should be signing the national anthem every year. I would get it right every time, and I think it makes for a much prettier spectacle to have it both sung and signed."

One of the contestants on "The Celebrity Apprentice" when Donald Trump's NBC series starts a new season Sunday, March 6, Matlin -- also seen last week on CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" -- is looking forward to the outcome of this year's Academy Award race. The honors will be handed out in an ABC telecast Sunday, Feb. 27.

"Have a good time and enjoy the attention and publicity, and pay attention to what you're doing," Matlin advises such nominees as Natalie Portman ( "Black Swan") and Annette Bening ( "The Kids Are All Right"), whose performances she says she is particularly fond of. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. Really, just enjoy it."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images