Marty McFly shoes: What else from 'Back to the Future II' can we expect?

michael-j-fox-shoes.jpgIt was announced Thursday (Sept. 8) that Nike is unveiling some Marty McFly shoes, inspired by the set Marty's son Martin Jr. dons in "Back to the Future II." Which got us thinking - what else can we look forward to?

Obviously, top on the list have to be the hoverboards. Director Robert Zemeckis once played a little joke during one of the behind-the-scenes "BTTF II" featurettes by saying that hoverboards were actually real but were not allowed to be sold to the public due to safety issues. Alas, that was not true. But we're still waiting for our wheel-less skateboard.

Flying cars would be alright too, though that's probably even farther off than a hoverboard.

The Chicago Cubs and all their sad, sad fans should start to get excited, as "BTTF II" has them winning the 2015 World Series over the Miami Gators. Granted, there are no Miami Gators, but the movie did successfully predict the expansion of MLB to Florida - in 1989 there were no Florida teams. And in 2012, the Florida Marlins are going to start being known as the Miami Marlins. Does it matter that the Marlins are also a National League team? Details.

The movie also successfully predicted wall-mounted flat TVs, watching multiple channels at the same time and more advanced video games, so perhaps the Cubbies have a chance!

What remains to be seen are two biggies - a female president, which if it's going to happen by 2015 means Hillary, Sarah or Michelle is next in line. And the abolishing of all lawyers. Somehow we aren't sure that one's happening any time soon.

Photo/Video credit: Universal Pictures