Matt Lauer replacement ... Ryan Seacrest? How do we feel about that?

matt-lauer-ryan-seacrest-getty.jpg"THIS .... is 'Today' on NBC!" [ dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh baaaaa wahhhhh]

The Wall Street Journal is reporting some rather interesting news. According to people close to NBC Universal, the company is pursuing "American Idol" and radio host Ryan Seacrest as a possible successor for Matt Lauer on "Today," should Lauer leave his anchor seat next year.

Several NBC executives met with Seacrest Tuesday night (Dec. 6) to discuss him joining the morning program. Though, WSJ cautions, the talks are preliminary and could be nothing at any time. The talks could also be a negotiating tactic on the part of NBC, who will need a strong successor when Lauer does eventually depart.

But reportedly Seacrest is one of the top choices.

So how do we feel about this, Zappers? Seacrest is no doubt a fun entertainment personality. We've always enjoyed him on "American Idol." But a hosting gig on TV and radio is not exactly the same as anchoring a news program. For every fluffy segment "Today" does, they also do serious news segments, like, for example, Thursday morning (Dec. 8) when Ann Curry interviewed three of the 5 Browns, which is a group of sibling pianists where the three sisters were sexually abused by their father.

We can't picture Seacrest conducting that interview. And Seacrest would be paired up with Ann Curry, who, no offense to Ann Curry, a lovely and beautiful woman, kind of seems like she could be Seacrest's mom. (And we checked, the age difference is 22 years.) Hmm.

So, thoughts?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images